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FAQ Japanese ofuros and soaking tubs

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FAQ - Japanese Soaking Tubs


What is an ofuro? +
How deep are they? +
Is installation difficult? +
Do you offer design services? +
How does the ofuro drain? +
Can I use bath salts or oils? Soap? +
Are your tubs water tight? +
Can an ofuro be installed outdoors? +
What is the best way to heat the water for my ofuro? +
How long will the water stay hot? +
Can I reuse the water in my ofuro for another bath? +
How do your tubs ship and how much does shipping cost? +
Is assembly required? +
How heavy is the ofuro when it's full of water? +
Are they easy to maintain? +
Do I need to keep water in the tub? +
Do I need to use spa chemicals to keep the water clean? +
What size ofuro do I need? +
Are custom sizes available? +
What is your order cancellation policy? +
Do you have a guarantee? +