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Japanese Style: Designing with Nature's Beauty By Sunamita Lim

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Japanese Style connects with and incorporates Japanese design traditions into the home. Adept at compact living and elegant simplicity, the Japanese embody the principle of doing more with less, and embrace the discipline it takes to rule out the unnecessary or frivolous. Author Sunamita Lim discusses these aesthetic ideals and cultural principles and reveals how designing with nature's beauty can create a simple and beautiful home. 
Focuses on lessons for compact living and simplicity. 
Includes sections on incorporating the Japanese aesthetic into home and garden, as well as information on historical periods in Japan. 
Glossary and thorough bibliography for expanded research. 
Sunamita Lim is a freelance writer and past editor of the art/design magazine Santa Fe Trend. Lim is the author of Chinese Style: Living in Beauty and Prosperity and resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

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