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Large (6') Cedar Hot Tub with Wood Heat by Zen Bathworks

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A family-sized red cedar hot tub with simple wood-burning heater. See full description of features and options below.

  • Image 1
  • Large 6' round cedar hot tub recessed into deck
  • Top view of this size showing seating space
  • Top view of this size showing seating space
  • Relaxing in a Zen hot tub.
  • Green tub cover on 6 x 42 tub in deck
  • Ellipse tub with cover
  • Large 6' x 42 tub with optional steps shown.
Wood-fired hot tubs are as simple as it gets.  No electricity needed, just an armload of firewood!  This is a large family-sized cedar hot tub that comes in a choice of two shapes - round or elliptical.  The wood heater is very economical if you have a source of firewood.  
All our hot tubs are made with Western Red Cedar, a beautiful and sweet smelling material that is perfect for hot tubs. We use only premium grade wood(clear - all heartwood). Other woods available on a custom basis. Tub design features our unique industry-leading curved sides and rust-free stainless steel banding. Maintenance on our wood tubs is straight-forward and simple.  Add the optional UV water purifier for a chemical-free approach to safe clean water.

Specification sheet for ROUND 6' Large tub.

Specification sheet for ELLIPSE 6' Large tub.


Tub Shape Choice:

Left image below is our round shape.  Right image is our ellipse shaped tub.  These are top view drawings showing approximate seating space for this sized tub.  Tell me more about tub shape.

6-crc-top-view.jpg   6-ell-top-view.jpg

Tub Height Choice:

Three choices for height - from left:  29", 36", 42".  The graphic below shows these side by side.  Note that in each case, you have water up to your shoulders!  Tubs with less water require less energy to heat.  Tell me more about tub height.

29-inch-side-view.jpg   36-inch-side-view.jpg   42-inch-side-view.jpg


What's included in the base price?

  • Western Red Cedar Tub kit with clear assembly instruction
  • Heater: Chofu wood-burning heater - requires no electricity
  • High insulation R-20 tub cover with choice of 10 colors (Tell me more)
  • Stainless Steel Bands wrap the tub for strength
  • Benches included in 36" and 42"
  • Heater connection kit - plumbing, hose, and complete connection kit included
  • Tub Thermometer
  • Floor drain

Optional Items available:

Stainless Stove Pipe kit: Lasts much longer than black or galvanized pipe.  Includes the recommended length of pipe (8') and is sized to fit the Chofu.

Thermal Blanket: A lightweight floating foam cover that goes under your main cover.  Saves energy by keeping the steam from rising off the water surface.  Made of 1/2" thick closed cell foam.  Dark charcoal grey color. 

Steps:  Three steps make getting in and out of your tub easy.  Made of matching Red Cedar.


Other Details

Tub length:
Tub width:
Round is 72", Ellipse is 54"
Tub height:
Choice of 29", 36", or 42"
400 to 600 gallons - see spec sheets for details
Are benches included?:
Yes, for 36" and 42" tubs.
Can this tub be shipped pre-assembled?:
No - as kit only

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