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SALE PENDING.... Reduced Further! Onsen 66.5 x 33 x 24 H - Hinoki Soaking tub - over 50% off

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Hinoki soaking tub is offered on sale at a clearance price. This is custom sized 66.5" long, 33" wide, and 24" tall, making it a very large-sized tub that features vertical sides for maximum interior space. This tub has plenty of room for two large adults. Very deep at 20" of interior water depth.

  • 66 30 Sale tub
This Hinoki soaking tub is offered at a reduced price because of the unusual size and a couple of cosmetic flaws.  66.5" long, 33" wide, and 24" tall, making it  a very large-sized tub that features vertical sides for maximum interior space.  This tub has plenty of room for two large adults. This is a large example of a traditional Japanese soaking tub also known as an ofuro.  Very deep at 20" of interior water depth.
Sale priced at 50% discount, this is a great opportunity to get a large ofuro at a low price.
A Japanese soaking tub or "ofuro" is the authentic traditional wooden bathtub made famous in Japan. They are typically deeper and shorter than most American tubs.  
Easy to use: Simply fill with hot water for a nice relaxing soak, then drain when finished.  Ofuros are normally used as a soaking tub after a shower, however, bath salts or bath oils are fine.  We do not recommend using this tub as a "shower tub".   See our FAQ section for more...
Easy to maintain: Our ofuro design is simple to maintain.  Drain it and forget it.  See our FAQ section for more...
Our Expertise: We have become the premier builders of the ofuro bathtub.   We have developed a proprietary design that makes the ofuro completely user-friendly, easy to maintain and guaranteed.  Our tubs are made one at a time using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. Let us help you choose the perfect tub for your amazing bath. Give us a call. 888 810 7717
Wood: This tub is made with Hinoki - the famous light colored and aromatic wood that is considered sacred for its beauty and strength.  Hinoki has a lemon/ginger aroma that fills your bath area with each use.  All the wood we use is of the finest grade - vertical grained, quartersawn heartwood, properly dried and free of defects.  More about our wood and green harvest methods.
Depth and Size: We make several sizes and we do custom work as well. In general the ofuro is smaller but deeper than standard tubs. Very deep. Twenty two inches of blissful hot water.  That is amost twice as deep as the average American bathtub. We get the steaming hot water up over your shoulders! Smaller tubs are designed for a single bather but larger sizes are available for two or more.
Room design: A traditional Japanese ofuro room is a sanctuary with a showering and soaking area - open in design with a waterproof floor and a central drain. The soaking tub is adjacent and placed to enjoy a natural view if possible. The Japanese style of bathing begins with a leisurely and thorough washing outside the tub using plenty of soap and shampoo and hot water. Next the bather slips into the crystal-clear, steaming hot water for a completely relaxing quiet soak. See our photo gallery for some design ideas! The Ofuro can also be installed outdoors. For more ideas we recommend "The Japanese Bath" by Bruce Smith. Give us a call to discuss other design considerations.
Drain: Comes with a floor drain installed.  Overflow drain system is optional.  More about the drain for an ofuro.
Warranty Information: The tub is warranted against manufacturing defects for 3 years.  Read full warranty here.
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