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Vastu: Transcendental Home Design in Harmony with Nature By Sherri Silverman

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The notion of designing and respecting sacred space has been around for centuries, recognized in such current culture trends as Feng Shui, Wabi Sabi, and even the push to make homes greener. Vastu-India's ancient science of architecture and design for buildings and gardens-is the origin of traditions like Feng Shui, and finally gets a proper introduction in Vastu: Transcendental Home Design In Harmony with Nature ($29.95; Hardcover; Gibbs Smith, Publisher, October 2007) by Vastu sacred space design consultant Sherri Silverman. 

Vastu is a beautifully illustrated and detailed guide to harnessing the tremendous power of this ancient tradition to create tranquil, attractive living spaces that bring the home-and everyone in it-back to center by enhancing inner peace, joy, prosperity, and relationships through attention to the structure and design of living and work areas. Vastu actually enables one to not just leave a light footprint on the earth, but to also improve the environment while living in a home that supports, nourishes, and protects health, happiness, and fulfillment. 

Vastu covers all rooms in the home, as well as directions (north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest, center), the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space), the importance of beauty and natural materials, clearing of clutter, and air quality. Vastu also provides tips that teach how to use the power of meditation, love, grace and gratitude, sacred archetypal energies, mantras, and yantras to bless a house, and much more.

With five sections explaining the fundamentals of this ancient Vedic system, Vastu clearly and simply tells homeowners and apartment dwellers how to apply its principles to create a truly tranquil home, whether building new, or improving an existing space. Learn what Vastu is, and how it creates home as sanctuary. Discover the detailed components one should consider when creating a Vastu home to gain greater support for relationships, health, finance, and career. Walk through the house and yard for tips on the arrangement and décor of each area, and discover related, complementary techniques that can be applied to bless and energize the house. Finally, Vastu offers resources for further study, a detailed glossary, bibliography, and index.

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