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Zen Sauna, 1 Person

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Product Description

This is our smallest sauna. It is perfectly sized for one and is designed to install conveniently in a corner.

Our saunas feature True Wave ultra-low EMF infrared heaters in a furniture quality Cedar cabin, beautiful wooden light shades, 22" deep bench, built-in ergonomic backrest, high quality AM/FM/CD player, no-tool assembly and much more. 

Assembly is quick (less than 90 minutes) and easy (no tools are required). Your infrared sauna is pre-wired and made with precision craftsmanship so it clips and latches together with ease. Each one is assembled and tested for 8 hours prior to shipment to insure that it works flawlessy.  The instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow.

Far infrared saunas have quickly become the technology of choice for a safe effective home sauna.  Far infrared waves penetrate deep into our body for a deep heating action which allows for the body to activate the sweat glands. The sweat glands offer one of only a few mechanisms that the body has to eliminate toxins and since the skin is the largest organ in the human body it is apparently a very good means for elimination.

By comparison, conventional saunas must rely only on indirect means of heat: first, on convection (air currents) and then, conduction (direct contact of hot air with the skin) to produce its heating effect. Your Zen Sauna is best used at temperatures between 100 to 125F versus 180 to 220F for traditional hot-air saunas. Since conventional saunas require 30 to 90 minutes of warm-up before use, electricity costs are typically a lot higher than those of our Infrared Saunas which are ready to use in 10-15 minutes.  

This model is hand-crafted with:

  • Premium grade Western Red Cedar, Flawless furniture grade cabinetry
  • Classic sauna design.
  • Easy Install (normally about an hour)
  • True Wave II™ carbon/ceramic low-EMF heating technology on the back wall, side walls, front wall under the bench, by your calves and in the floor.  You are totally surrounded by infrared heat.
  • Reservations mode so you can set your sauna to turn on up to 36 hours in the future.
  • Enhanced wooden light shade inside your sauna to give you the true sauna experience.
  • Recessed halogen or LED accent lights outside.
  • Ergonomic bench
  • Digital keypad controls located inside and outside of your sauna controlling temperature, time and lights.
  • High-quality AM/FM/CD/AUX stereo with stereo speakers pre-installed.
  • Lifetime Warranty on your entire sauna; the wood cabin, heaters and controls.

Standard Features:

Saunas   Saunas   Saunas   Saunas   Saunas 
  sauna-with-model-2.jpg  adjustable-foot.jpg   details.jpg  saunalights.jpg  sauna-with-model-1.jpg

    Zen Bathworks saunas are manufactured by ClearLight saunas.

Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty on your entire sauna; the wood cabin, heaters and controls.

Other Details

Interior Width:
Interior Depth:
Interior Height:
33 x 33 x 46
Exterior Width:
Exterior Depth:
Exterior Height:
325 lbs
Power required:
120 volt, 1100 watt, 9 amp

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