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Featured Cedar Wood Hot Tubs

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If you are looking for a great way to relax after a long stressful day, visit our website online to view an amazing selection of custom wooden hot tubs and cedar wood hot tubs. Below are some great products that you should take a look at if you want to find a great tub for your home that can help you relax and unwind.

A great wooden tub that we are featuring currently is the Large 6’ Wooden Tub with Electric Heat. When you order this tub, you will be completely satisfied with your purchase. When you place an order to purchase this tub, you will have the choice to choose either a 6’ Round, or 6’ Ellipse tub. To give you an idea, 5 people can fit comfortably in the Round, and 4 people can fit comfortably in the Ellipse. This wonderful tub is made with Western Red Cedar which looks amazing, and smells even better.  If you would prefer, we can customize almost all of our tubs.

How can you make your hot tub custom? You will be available to choose between shapes, sizes and more. When you order a tub from us, you can add on more features if you would like.  Features that have been added on in the past are underwater multi color lights, jets, and steps. The steps will make getting in and out of your wooden tub a lot easier and allow you to stay relaxed.  Our tubs are specifically made to help you relax and soak your muscles, however, if you would like to add jets to help get your muscles looser, you can add on a set of 4.  Lastly, brighten up your life when you soak at night! Our multi colored lights range in all different colors of the rainbow. When you upgrade with lights, you can enjoy one color or let them cycle through the rainbow.

To order a cedar wood tub, or look at options on how to build a custom tub, please visit our website! Please contact us with any questions you have for us!