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  • Ofuro, Kyoto 54, Hinoki
  • Hinoki Kyoto ofuro- 54 x 30
  • Red Cedar Kyoto ofuro - 48 - with tub cover
  • Hinoki Kyoto ofuro - 48 x 30

Kyoto Ofuro | Japanese Soaking Tub | by Zen Bathworks

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Product Description

The Kyoto Ofuro is deep and luxurious freestanding soaking tub.  Made in the USA, our Kyoto is a Japanese-style bathtub known as an ofuro.  All four sides are angled inward for a beautiful effect. Contemporary clean lines make this tub popular in modern bathrooms. Available in 4 sizes (also custom-sized), the Kyoto can fit small or large spaces. Relax in steaming neck-high water! 

Sizes and Specifications:   adobe-pdf-file-icon-24x24.png    48x30  54x30  60x30  72x36   We also build custom sizes to order.

Easy to use: Simply fill with hot water for a nice relaxing soak, then drain when finished.  Ofuros are designed as a soaking tub after a shower. Bath salts or bath oils can be used.  We do not recommend using this tub as a "shower tub".   
See our FAQ section for more...
The MOST comfortable tub:  The secret to a comfortable bath is deep water that almost floats your body. The Kyoto is deep enough to do just that.  The Kyoto - deep, aromatic, luxurious comfort!

Our Expertise: Zen Bathworks is the leading builder of the ofuro bathtub.  We have developed a proprietary design that makes our ofuro completely user-friendly, and superior to any other wooden ofuro on the market and they are guaranteed.  Our highly skilled craftsmen build tubs one at a time using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. Let us help you choose the perfect tub for your amazing bath. Click here to contact us.

Wood choice: This tub is most often made with Hinoki - the famous light-colored and aromatic cypress that is considered sacred for its beauty and strength. Hinoki has an amazing lemon/ginger aroma that fills your bath area with each use.  Other finish choices are Red Cedar, and Teak. All the wood we use is of the finest grade - vertical grained, quarter-sawn heartwood, properly dried and free of defects. More about our wood...

Shape choice:  The Kyoto ofuro has sides that slope inward from top to bottom. See also the Onsen ofuro which has straight vertical sides.  

Room Design: The Kyoto Ofuro can fit into a wide variety of typical bathroom designs.  We can size to fit your plan. 

Japanese Style Room Design: A Japanese bath is a Zen sanctuary with adjacent showering and soaking areas - open in design with a draining floor. The soaking tub is placed to enjoy a natural view if possible. The Japanese style of bathing begins with a thorough shower outside the tub using plenty of soap and hot water. The bather then slips into the crystal-clear, steaming hot water for a completely relaxing quiet soak.  For design ideas we recommend The Japanese Bath by Bruce Smith. 

Outdoor bathtubs:  Our ofuro can be installed as a beautiful and simple outdoor bath!  We recommend choosing either Red Cedar or Teak for outdoor tubs.

Drain: A tub bottom waste drain is included.  We stock three popular drain finishes - Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oiled Bronze. Overflow drain systems are available as an option.  More about drains...

Easy to maintain: Our ofuro design really is simple to maintain.  Fill, soak, drain.  See our FAQ section for more...

Lead time: From order to curbside delivery is approximately 6 weeks, typically.

Warranty Information

Zen Bathworks Kyoto Ofuro is warranted for a full three years against defects in workmanship or materials for residential use.

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