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More facts about our cedar hot tubs...


We love wood and we use the best!

Our beautiful cedar hot tubs are made from premium quality Western Red Cedar. Red Cedar's qualities of beauty, workability, strength, natural rot resistant oils, and sweet aroma, make it the perfect material for a natural wooden tub. We start with clear (no knots), straight-grained, all heartwood lumber direct from expert local sawyers. In our shop we mill the cedar with care to obtain a precise fit. The result is a durable tub that is a full 1.75 inches thick (thicker than most other tub builders.) This thickness gives our tubs added strength and insulation that most don't have.

All our tub material comes from small family run sawmills and as such is a good example of sustainable resource use.  We work with each of our suppliers to follow sound forest stewardship guidelines.

On a custom basis we can make tubs using other woods such as Hinoki or Teak.  Please call us for pricing on these options.

Design: Innovation and Beauty


Our tubs are built to last using the time-tested coopering techniques of the wine cask industry and updated with modern woodworking techniques. The sides (staves) and the floor of the tub are of thick 1.75 inch clear grained select cedar for strength and durability. With expertise and modern machinery we shape the staves and floors precisely to build a tub that holds water. Our staves are actually curved inside and out. The joints between staves are an innovative "cove and bead". This gives a truly curved tub that is especially beautiful and reliable. See the closeup photos above.  The tub floors are built in one, two or three panels (depending on the size of the tub) which are pinned and splined together at assembly time. The edge is carefully beveled to receive the vertical staves that are precisely machined to a tight fit. The tub is held together with attractive flat stainless steel compression bands that apply the necessary pressure to keep things water-tight. The stainless steel hardware is rust and stain-proof and will last a lifetime.


Our tubs hold water because of tight joinery and the fact that dry wood expands when it absorbs water.  When a tub gets wet, the wood cells soak up moisture and staves (tub sides) expand. This causes the tub joinery to get very tight and seal. This is the same principle that makes classic wooden boats seaworthy.

Top Ten Benefits of a Zen Cedar Hot Tub 

  1. First and foremost: the beauty of natural wood.  Relax in harmony with nature surrounded by the sweet aroma of the cedar tree.
  2. Deep soaking: Our tubs are designed to be deep - with the water coming right up to your shoulders - giving you complete immersion and a feeling of buoyancy.
  3. Health: Deep soaking in steaming water has long been proven to stimulate circulation, reduce stress, relax sore muscles, help with insomnia, and aid with common joint pain such as arthritis. 
  4. Simplicity: Your own quiet refuge in your backyard.
  5. A fun family activity:  Socialize and relax with your family in the outdoors - soaking in a cedar hot tub is good clean fun!
  6. Reduce stress:  Melt away the troubles of your day as you do something soothing for yourself.
  7. Can be assembled on site:  This allows your tub to be placed just about anywhere, so no problems getting them situated into difficult sites.
  8. A hand-made product:  Our tubs are made one at a time by skilled craftsmen - not mass produced out of plastic.
  9. Outdoor activity:  You will find yourself seeing and hearing more of the sights and sounds of nature - from the comfort of your warm and quiet outdoor tub.
  10. Rustic and traditional:  Our customers appreciate the beauty of the wood and the simple tub design. Tubs like this have been used for many hundreds of years.

Cedar Hot Tub Cover information

All our tubs come with a premium quality locking cover - with insulation value of R-20 and a choice of 10 colors.  Our covers are UL listed with the ASTM safety rating.  Made with a cover of heavy duty marine grade vinyl and a protected inner core of high density insulating foam.  Comes with lockable tie down straps.

To save on heating costs, a good cover is very important.  Our covers are 5 inches thick and have an insulation rating of R-20.  They are approved safety covers with the ASTM 1346 certification.

Cedar Hot Tub Water Quality

Our heating systems feature a three step approach to keeping the water clean and safe. 

  • Filtration - we include a washable cartridge style filter with an option to purchase a spare cartridge. A spare is highly recommended to provide a rotation system that maximizes tub up-time and filter cleaning effectiveness.
  • Ozonator - This comes standard and built into the system. It uses ozone gas periodically injected into the water to kill germs and bacterial in the water. Much more effective than ionizers. Less maintenance than UV lights.
  • Specialized Chlorine - Fast-dissolving, granulated chlorine is the best approach for wooden tubs - at a level similar to what is used in most drinking water. Apply after use and within a few hours it has dissolved fully accommodating little to no odor prior to next use.

We provide the filter assembly complete with one cartridge and water treatment starter kit standard with each of our hot tubs ordered with Electric or Gas heated systems.

Cedar Hot Tub Size and Shape

The pictures below give an idea of about how many people fit in each size.  We recommend sizing the tub for your normal everyday use instead of the occasional need for a larger tub.  The uniquely beautiful ellipse tubs are a bit smaller than the same diameter circle tubs because they are narrower.  Remember that larger tubs require more water and energy for heating. Most popular sizes are Large and Medium (6' and 5').

Super large tubs:

8-round-top-view.jpg  8-ellipse-top-view.jpg

Extra Large tubs:

7-circle-top-view.jpg  7-ellipse-top-view.jpg

Large Tubs:

6-crc-top-view.jpg  6-ell-top-view.jpg

Medium Tubs:

5-round-top-view.jpg  5-ellipse-top-view.jpg

Small tubs:

4-round-top-view.jpg  4-ellipse-top-view.jpg

Cedar Hot Tub Height

The pictures below allow you to compare our cedar hot tub height choices.  Note that we have designed each choice so that the water comes right up to your shoulders.  The only difference is the height of the benches.

Our 29" tubs are set up with seating directly on the tub floor. Water is up to your shoulders. Because of the weightless effect of deep water - this is a very comfortable design - and it uses 40% less water than the deeper tubs.  Saves water and energy.

Our 36" tubs are set up with low (8") benches that are designed to bring the water to your shoulders.  The weightless effect of deep water makes this a very comfortable design - and it uses about 20% less water than the deeper tubs. 

Our 42" tubs have higher (12") benches that are designed to bring the hot water up over your shoulders.  This is a good choice for those who want an extra deep tub.  

Other sizes on a custom basis.