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Relaxing Japanese Bath Soaking Tub

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Hurry in to get great deals on tubs with our holiday sale!  When you buy a tub,shower, or sauna you will receive free shipping! Currently we have many  bath soaking tubs available. You are in luck, with our holiday sale going on, all of our soaking tubs are 15% off! One of our featured tubs is the Onsen 48 ofuro soaking tub. This tub is a medium sized tub with vertical sides.  This tub is great and large enough for most adults to sit in comfortably. This tub is deep enough for water to cover you shoulder completely. This tub can be made in Hinoki (aromatic Cypress), Teak, or Western Red Cedar wood.  You will also have the ability to choose your drain finish. If you would like to add an overflow drain, you can do so for a little extra cost. This tub is an example of a traditional japanese tub that has been used for centuries.  This tub can be yours for 15% off at $5,950.00.  If you liked this tub, another you might enjoy would be the Kyoto 54 Ofuro soaking tub.  This tub has 4 sloped sized and is large enough for 2 adults to fit in it comfortably.  The wood choices are the same as well as the drain finish and the option to add on an overflow drain.