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  • Wood-fired hot tub - 5' round
  • Wood-fired hot tub - 5' round
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Cedar Hot Tub with Wood Heat by Zen Bathworks

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Product Description

Wood-fired hot tubs are as simple as it gets.  No electricity needed, just an armload of firewood!  This is a customer favorite for remote locations or cabins. Our chofu wood heater hot tub comes in a choice of sizes and shapes. If you have a good source of firewood, a wood heater is a very economical way to heat your tub. No bill for electricity or gas. The reliable Chofu wood-fired tub heater is included.  Tell me more about the Chofu wood-fired heater.


4 - 6 weeks within continental US and Canada.
7 - 9 weeks to Hawaii.
Please inquire for other international destinations.

Need it sooner? Contact us to learn more about Rush Options pricing and availability.

All our hot tubs are made with Western Red Cedar, a beautiful and sweet smelling material that is perfect for hot tubs. We use only premium grade wood(clear - all heartwood).  Tub design features our unique industry-leading curved sides and rust-free stainless steel banding. 
Specification Sheets available by clicking the links below:   adobe-pdf-file-icon-24x24.png
Small  4' (48") Round Ellipse
Medium  5' (60") Round Ellipse
Large  6' (72") Round Ellipse








Tub Size:

The wood fired tub is available in 3 sizes (diameters): Small (48"), Medium (60") and Large (72").  The Small size fits one bather (or two small adults).  The Medium size fits 2 to 3 adults.  The Large size fits up to 5 adults.

Tub Shape Choice:

Our tubs are available in two design shapes:  Round or Elliptical.   Tell me more about tub shape.

Tub Height Choice:

Three choices for height - from left:  29", 36", 42".  The graphic below shows these side by side.  Note that in each case, you have water up to your shoulders!  Tubs with less water require less energy to heat.  Tell me more about tub height.


29-inch-side-view.jpg   36-inch-side-view.jpg   42-inch-side-view.jpg

Our 29" tubs are set up with seating directly on the tub floor. Water is up to your shoulders. Because of the weightless effect of deep water - this is a very comfortable design - and it uses 40% less water than the deeper tubs. Saves water and energy.

Our 36" tubs have l(8") benches that are designed to bring the water to your shoulders. The weightless effect of deep water makes this a very comfortable design - and it uses about 20% less water than the deeper tubs.

Our 42" tubs have higher (12") benches that are designed to bring the hot water up over your shoulders. This is a good choice for those who want an extra deep tub.

Other heights and sizes can be ordered on a custom basis.

What's included in the base price?

Western Red Cedar Tub kit with clear assembly instruction
Heater: Chofu wood-burning heater - requires no electricity
High insulation R-22 tub cover with choice of 11 colors (Tell me more
Stainless Steel Tub Retention Bands with adjustable aluminum connectors and stainless steel fastener
Benches included with tubs that are 36" or 42" inches tall.
Heater connection kit - plumbing, hose, and complete connection kit included
Tub Thermometer
Floor drain plumbing assembly including tapered rubber plug with rip cord
NOTE: Stove pipe is not included. Stainless pipe is available as an option

Options available:

Tub assembly: Small and Medium (48" and 60") sized tubs can be ordered pre-assembled. Large and Extra Large (72" and 84") sizes must be shipped as a kit.

Stainless Stove Pipe kit: 8' of 4" stove pipe is required. Our properly sized stainless pipe lasts much longer than galvanized pipe.

Steps: A set of three steps made of matching red cedar, make getting in and out of your tub easy. Steps are approximately 24"wide 26"high and 35" total depth, each step being approximately 12" deep.


Warranty Information

Our tubs and equipment have a limited warranty for a full 2 years against defects in material or workmanship. Covers have a limited 4 year warranty.

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