8′ Ellipse Cedar Hot Tub

modern spa convenience at home


The rustic beauty of a natural Cedar Hot Tub, made from premium grade Western Red-Cedar heartwood. With your choice of simple wood heat, or all the convenience of a modern spa! Spa systems with electric or gas heaters feature programmable digital control settings and freeze protection to keep your tub ready to use any time, year-round. Expertly handcrafted in Haines, Alaska, USA.

Select from the options shown to customize your 8′ Ellipse Hot Tub.

29” – $12,262 Base Price
36” – $15,392 Base Price
42” – $15,943 Base Price
48” – $16,377 Base Price

Cedar Hot Tub Sizes and Specs

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Heating & Filtration System Options

Propane Gas
Natural Gas

Add a wood-fired heating system:

Add supplemental wood heat to enhance your heating & filtration system

Our wood-fired heating system requires no electricity. It can be purchased as a standalone system, or as a supplemental heating source to complement your electric heating & filtration system. Includes:
  • Plumbing, hose, & connection kit
  • Required & optional stainless steel accessories: 8' stove pipe set, 2' stove pipe extension, stove pipe cap, support bracket
Chofu wood heater for hot tub

Installation Site Details

This information will guide us in selecting the most appropriate components for your system. If you are still working out the details, no worries. Zen Bathworks will reach out to confirm these details at a later date.
At what elevation (above sea level) will your hot tub be installed?
Under 2000 feet
2000 - 6000 feet
Over 6000 feet
Ask me later
At what elevation will your pump be installed in relation to the top rim of your tub?
Pump below waterline (Most Common)
Pump above waterline (Uncommon)
Not sure, ask me later

Add Electronic Accessories

Access & control your hot tub spa system remotely using a smartphone or tablet! The Wi-Fi module allows for integration with our electric heating & filtration control systems.
Wi-Fi module for remote control of SmarTouch hot tub heating and filtration system
Illuminate your tub interior with bright white or shades of the rainbow! The long-lasting, LED bulb can be set to a desired color or to cycle through all shades.
underwater LED hot tub light

Hot Tub Cover

Your hot tub order includes a premium quality locking cover with R-22 insulation value. Covers are crafted in the USA with a 5" inner core of high-density insulating foam and heavy-duty, marine-grade protective shell made from your choice of vinyl or WeatherShield fabric, and are complete with lockable tie-down straps. To save on heating costs, a good cover is very important. Our covers are UL listed with the ASTM 1346 safety certification. Select from 11 vinyl colors or 5 WeatherShield colors below.
Coffee WeatherShield Cover Color Swatch
Coffee Brown WeatherShield
Taupe WeatherShield Cover Color Swatch
Desert Taupe WeatherShield
Mahogany WeatherShield Cover Color Swatch
Mahogany WeatherShield
Grey WeatherShield Cover Color
Dark Grey WeatherShield
Black WeatherShield Cover Color Swatch
Black WeatherShield
Walnut Cover Color Swatch
Walnut Vinyl
Rawhide Cover Color Swatch
Rawhide Vinyl
Mocha Cover Color Swatch
Mocha Vinyl
Light Grey Cover Color Swatch
Lt Grey Vinyl
Ash Cover Color Swatch
Ash Vinyl
Charcoal Cover Color Swatch
Charcoal Vinyl
Black Cover Color Swatch
Black Vinyl
Forest Green Cover Color Swatch
Forest Green Vinyl
Amaretto Cover Color Swatch
Amaretto Vinyl
Navy Blue Cover Color Swatch
Navy Blue Vinyl
Sky Blue Cover Color Swatch
Sky Blue Vinyl

Delivery Details & Acknowledgment

Shipping Configuration: Kit
Your order will be delivered in a sturdy, enclosed crate. The wooden tub portion will arrive as a kit to be assembled on-site (customer’s responsibility). The plumbing and system must be installed by local professionals.
Pre-assembly of the wooden tub portion may be available for 7’ Round or 8’ sizes if offloading equipment is provided at your curbside delivery location. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this option. Shipping charges may apply.