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Rustic Elegance from Sonoma Forge

From Sonoma Forge:
“The WaterBridge line is a happy marriage of industrial chic and rustic country elegance and shows versatility in various standard models and available finishes.

The distinctive lines are a beautiful blend of its raw plumbing parts along with an Asian-influenced waterfall spout — creating a style that is both intriguing and unique.

These distinctive and appealing fixtures elevate humble plumbing parts to designer status in a uniquely Sonoma Forge way that enhances rustic decor, country elegance, or the more industrial themes.”We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Without further ado, we present a selection from the Sonoma Forge Waterbridge collection, chosen to beautifully complement our Ofuros or hot tubs. Order all of your luxury bath fixtures from Zen Bathworks!

sonoma forge tub filler

Waterfall Tub Fillers

Waterfall Tub Fillers feature a large-diameter, high-flow pipe so you can spend less time filling and more time soaking.Choose from Wall Mount, Deck Mount, or Roman Floor Mount.

Waterfall Sink Faucet

The Waterfall Sink Faucets might look just like the tub fillers at a glance, but they feature a smaller pipe and a lower flow rate.

Choose from Wall Mount or Deck Mount.

Remote Tub Drain Overflow

This clever remote tub drain overflow solution combines the drain plug and internal overflow protection into one sleek, matching fixture that can be placed anywhere in the room.

An internal, adjustable slot sets the maximum water level in the tub — any excess water flows over the slot and down the drain. Lift the knob at the top to drain the tub.

Exposed Indoor/Outdoor Rainfall Shower

This Rainfall Shower is equally at home indoors in a Japanese bath opposite an Ofuro, or outdoors complementing a cedar hot tub.

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