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Introduction to Ofuros and Japanese Baths

With a homeland blessed with hundreds of natural hot springs, the Japanese have long embraced hot, deep soaking baths as a beloved cultural tradition.

Over time, the practice of daily soaking for relaxation and mindfulness led to the creation of the traditional “Ofuro”, a deep wooden tub that brought the sensation of the hot springs to the comfort and privacy of home.

A Japanese bath is a tranquil sanctuary typically with a soaking bathtub adjacent to a showering area — open in design with an all-encompassing draining floor. The soaking tub is placed to enjoy a natural view if possible. The Japanese style of bathing begins with a thorough shower outside the tub. The freshly clean bather then slips into the crystal-clear, steaming hot water for a completely quiet relaxing soak. It is not uncommon for other family members to enjoy the same soaking water when it is their turn.

With Zen Bathworks, you can find a selection of Ofuros and Japanese baths that will bring this beloved tradition to the comfort of your own home! 

Hinoki Wood Onsen Ofuro Soaking Tub installed with hinoki wood bathing stool, tray, bath pail and sunoko. The tub is set on black river stone with black tile on the walls for a striking contrast with the blonde hinoki.
Hinoki Onsen Ofuro wood tub installed with wet floor

tradition meets modern design

The first Ofuros were built from planks of fragrant hinoki cypress wood and filled continuously from the nearby hot springs. The constant flow of water kept the joints swelled tight, and helped to keep the tub clean. We don’t have a local hot spring, and odds are you don’t either. Without that constant flow, traditional plank Ofuros suffer from the risks of poor water sanitation if left full, or catastrophic through-cracking if drained and left empty.

Therefore, Zen Bathworks set out to reinvent the traditional wooden Ofuro for use in modern homes, and the result is our proprietary Ofuro design of today. Our Ofuros are handmade, starting with our all-wood engineered panels, including internally-metal-reinforced joints, and ending with a lifetime tub that makes no compromises. Our Ofuros are guaranteed leak-free and can be drained after each use without fear of through-cracking.

Already know what you want?

Premium wood choices

We use the finest quality naturally antimicrobial woods: both aromatic woods and hardwoods. Yes, that’s right, all of our wood tubs are handcrafted from wood species that are naturally antimicrobial (aka rot-resistant) and water-resistant. We use only carefully selected premium, vertical grain, heartwood lumber.

The outside surfaces of our finished tubs are oiled and waxed to a warm glowing finish, while the inside surfaces are left unfinished to achieve a warmth and softness that synthetic materials cannot, and to allow the hot water to draw out the amazing natural aromas of the wood!

(Hover or tap the four icons below to learn more about each of our premium wood choices)


Revered for its unique, lemon-ginger fragrance and natural rot resistance, Hinoki Cypress wood is regarded as sacred in Japan. Indistinguishable from it's Japanese sibling, American Hinoki (aka Port Orford Cedar) provides the classic appearance and aroma; for this reason it is our most popular wood choice.

Hinoki is a light colored wood with overall tone being quite consistent. The variation spans strawberry blonde to creamy off-white to slightly caramelized gold.

Red Cedar

An abundant species from the Pacific Northwest, Western Red-Cedar dazzles with natural variation. The sweet scent of cedarwood combined with its powerful antimicrobial properties make it excellent for building ofuros.

Color palette includes blonde, pink, red, & brown in delightful combination, providing for especially one-of-a-kind pieces. Aroma spans bright apple-cider vinegar to warm chocolate cherry.


Treasured and revered by wooden boat builders, teak wood offers elegance & durability. Due to a very high oil content, Teak is extremely resistant to water, wind, and weather with minimal maintenance. As a hardwood, Teak is much more dense than hinoki or red cedar, and is an ideal choice for outdoor, high-traffic use, & commercial installations.

Teak is dark mocha brown in color with a neutral aroma.


Hinoki & Teak

The Zen Bathworks Hybrid Hinoki & Teak Ofuro combines the elegance & durability of teak (exterior) with the revitalizing, natural aroma of hinoki (interior). This offers a tantalizingly unique overall contrast. Customize the tub rim & rail feet with either wood choice to fine tune the final look to your preference. A Zen Bathworks exclusive, the Hybrid is the best of both "woods"!

Design of Construction

Traditionally constructed Ofuros were made of edge-joined planks pinned together with wooden dowels, and later with tongue-and-groove. Once filled, the wood swelled to tighten the seams and create a watertight tub, as long as the wood stayed wet. If kept full, these plank-built tubs can last for quite a long time, but they are not suitable for the drain-and-fill applications that are desired by most customers. (As a side note, our coopered hot tubs use a similar principle, and that’s why they are ideal for continuous use, typically outdoor and higher occupancy applications.) The modern-day problem is that if a plank-built Ofuro is allowed to dry out, the wood often begins to twist, warp, and violently crack quickly destroying the tub. Not to mention the potential water damage to your house!

Our Zen Bathworks proprietary design and construction process was imagined and developed specifically to earn your complete confidence in our version of wooden Ofuros. We begin by laminating our own all-wood engineered panels. Our engineered panels are completely waterproof, and are dimensionally stable — this means they will not move or through-crack with changes in humidity or moisture content. Our mitered corners are internally reinforced with metal for incredible strength. Our reinforced miter joints are truly over-engineered and have easily proven indestructible in all of the destructive testing that has been thrown at them! We also offer a mortise-and-tenon construction style that emulates the appearance of traditional construction. These still use the engineered panels and are assembled with epoxy and super-duty lag bolts in place of the traditional wooden pins. Then we cover the bolts with a wooden inlay that looks just like the traditional pins. We are confident that with either construction method, Zen Bathworks tubs are far, far stronger than any plank-built tub.

The Zen Bathworks Ofuro is a tub that structurally is virtually bullet proof. As for the visible surfaces of the Ofuro soaking tubs, common sense and relatively gentle treatment conducive to the intended use is required, especially for the aromatic softwoods (Red Cedar and Hinoki). However, if an accident occurs scratches and dings can be repaired with steam from a common clothes iron and sanding. We have so much confidence in our tubs, we don’t hesitate to offer something traditional Ofuros can’t — a full three-year warranty against any defects in material or workmanship! We expect our Ofuros to last 25 years to a lifetime! You might ask why isn’t the warranty longer then? The answer is any defects in material or workmanship are extremely rare and when they do occur they will be evident in less than 3 years. In summary, Zen Bathworks has created the best of both worlds; Ofuros that have all of the traditional benefits while providing stellar longevity and low maintenance requirements.

Ofuro models

(Hover or tap the tiles for more information.)



Our Onsen model is named after the renowned 'onsen' natural hot-spring spas of Japan; the origin of Japanese bathing culture.

All four sides are vertical for a contemporary, yet traditional aesthetic. The Onsen's clean lines make this tub popular in modern bathrooms.

The Onsen model is available in 5 standard sizes ranging in lengths of 42" to 72", as well as custom sizes.



Our Kyoto model is named for the historical capital city of Japan. Kyoto was the home of the Emperor for more than a thousand years, and remains a key cultural epicenter.

The Kyoto's eye-catching design features four angled (aka "splayed") walls. In addition to adding flair, this feature offers the same luxurious soaking depth with less water.

The Kyoto is available in 4 standard sizes ranging in lengths of 48" to 72", as well as custom sizes.


We build our standard Ofuro sizes with a 22” internal depth. Custom depths are available up to 34” and custom removable interior bench seats are available as well. For comparison, the typical tub-and-shower combos found in many American homes offer significantly less soaking depth, ranging from 14” to 16” interior depth.

In our experience, 22” offers a comfortable and luxurious shoulder-deep soaking depth for most people and taller soakers typically prefer simply choosing a longer tub and soaking in a more reclined position. Those who want to have chin-deep water in a more upright sitting position will need to measure themselves in a seated position and determine if a standard or custom depth is best for them.


Hover or tap on the tiles below to see additional dimensional details. View spec sheets for all sizes in our Resource Tool Box.

onsen standard sizes

42 x 26

55 gallons

see full spec

48 x 30

82 gallons

see full spec

54 x 30

96 Gallons

see full spec

60 x 30

106 Gallons

see full spec

72 x 36

168 Gallons

see full spec

kyoto standard sizes

48 x 30

65 Gallons

see full spec

54 x 30

77 Gallons

see full spec

60 x 30

90 Gallons

see full spec

72 x 36

148 Gallons

see full spec

If you need a different size, or some other type of customization, request a quote for a custom size here.

drain configuration

Each Ofuro comes with a floor drain in your choice of finish.

We offer three standard drain configuration options to suit your design needs:

Floor Drain Only

Borrowing from Japanese tradition, many Ofuros are installed on a ‘wet floor’ in a large shower room. The tiled floor slopes toward a central drain, and the tub can simply be drained onto the floor after use. When the floor is waterproof, and designed for the Ofuro drain flow, no overflow protection is required; water can simply spill over the side of the tub, and therefore the Ofuro would need only a floor drain.

Rail Feet Scribing: If you are placing your Ofuro on a sloped floor, consider scribing the rails to match the floor so that the rim of the tub is level in all directions. Click here for more information.

Floor Drain Only With Hard-Line Connect: Also, if you still want to have your Ofuro’s waste drain to hard-line connect to a drain, while allowing your overflow water to go over the rim onto a wet floor, or tub surrounding drain (e.g. trench drains hidden in river rock), then you can still pursue that. The floor drain comes with 1.5″ NPSM threads and your plumber can hard-line direct-connect to it.

EZ-Click™ Bath Tub Floor Drain without Overflow
Floor Drain
Standard Overflow
Standard Overflow

External Overflow

Building a wet floor isn’t always an option. If you need your Ofuro to connect both drain and overflow directly to the plumbing system, our Standard Overflow Assembly protects your home from water damage caused by accidental overflows.

Remote Tub Drain and Overflow (RTDO)

This clever and elegant fixture provides an overflow solution upgrade. The drain stopper and overflow are both housed in the same floor-mounted remote fixture, which can be placed almost anywhere in the bathroom. If you are looking for overflow protection without interrupting the clean lines of your Ofuro, then consider the RTDO by Sonoma Forge.

Remote Tub Drain and Overflow

Remote Tub Drain Overflow

Floor drain & standard overflow finishes

Standard Finishes are featured below. Custom Finishes are available at no additional cost with a 12-week lead time.

View our EZ-Click™ Floor Drain Finishes Guide for all available finishes.

(Please Note: The drain style featured in the finish tiles below is intended for finish comparison only and is not the drain style you will receive with your Ofuro. Ofuro-specific drain-style photos are coming soon.)

Remote Tub Drain & Overflow Finishes

Standard Finishes are featured below. 

Custom Finishes (not featured below) are available at no additional cost, including Antique Brass, Antique Bronze, Satin Black, Antique Pewter, and almost any color in gloss or matte powder coat. Lead times for Custom Finishes vary up to 12 weeks. Inquire for details!

View our Sonoma Forge Finishes Guide for all available finishes.

(Please Note: The images featured in the finish tiles below are intended for finish comparison only and are not the Remote tub drain & overflow. Remote tub drain and overflow-specific photos are coming soon.)

Custom Features

Hidden Integrated Backrest

Additional angled panel within the tub provides a watertight backrest. The outer walls of the tub remain vertical.

Exposed Integrated Backrest

One end panel is angled, inside and outside.

Mortise & Tenon Construction

Alternate Ofuro design echoes a common traditional construction technique. Our engineered panels and hidden lag bolts offer incredible strength and the same no-leak guarantee.

Wide Rim Band

This 4"-wide rim band is common on some traditional Ofuro styles, and it makes a handy place to set items. Width is customizable.

Faucet/Filler Deck

Provides a seamless mounting surface for deck-mounted tub fillers or other fixtures.


Removable benches are available for ofuros. Benches are generally only needed with custom depths.

Custom Size

Whether you're fitting the tub to you or to your available space, custom sizing can be a valuable option.
Exterior Length: up to 91"
Exterior Width: up to 48"
Interior Depth: up to 34"

Custom Wood

Only a few other wood varieties are suitable for the interior, but our engineered construction allows you to use almost any wood for the exterior of your ofuro.

Ofuro Accessories

We are pleased to offer several matching, hand-crafted Ofuro accessories to enhance your soaking experience.


Wine-glass. Chocolates. Candles. Maybe even a movie. What will you put on yours?

A simple wooden tray can add so many possibilities. It’s no wonder this is our best-selling accessory!

Ofuro bath tray made from Hinoki wood

Bathing Stool

The Bathing Stool is a throwback to Japanese tradition. It is customary to always wash the body before entering the Ofuro. Before indoor showers were widely available, Japanese bathers would sit on these low stools and use a wooden bucket to wash up. When showers did arrive, many people replaced the wooden bucket with a handheld shower head but continued using the bathing stool in the shower.

Not to mention, a sturdy, beautiful stool is a handy addition to any bathroom.


Covers are another long-standing Ofuro tradition. Covering the Ofuro kept the water warm, and kept things from falling into the always-full tub.

If Zen Bathworks Ofuros are meant to be drained between baths, do they need a cover? In many cases, a cover is not necessary. However, sometimes a cover is a useful addition.

  • While our Ofuros will never leak, an excessively dry environment is hard on the unfinished wood and can cause cosmetic blemishes. If your tub will be installed in a very dry environment (including radiant in-floor heat, forced air heat, arid climate, or go long periods without use), using a cover is one way to help protect the interior surface of the tub from rapid changes in humidity.
  • Outdoor installations of our Ofuros are becoming increasingly common by customers desiring their unique beauty in their outdoor spaces. We recommend the Ofuro Cover accessory be added especially for outdoor installations to protect the interior of the tub from dirt, debris, and harsh sunlight, while keeping a traditional appearance.
Wooden Ofuro Tub Cover in Red Cedar

Ofuro Maintenance and water usage

Maintaining your Ofuro is simple, but very important. 

BRIEF CARE AND USE SUMMARY: We recommend adopting the Japanese tradition of washing in the shower before soaking in the tub, as the larger volumes of shampoos, conditioners, and soaps have a detrimental effect on the fragrance and appearance of unfinished wood. After draining the tub, wipe out excess water with a towel to keep the tub clean, and you are done! Occasionally it may be beneficial to gently scrub the inside of the tub with a soft brush. Bath salts and essential oils will not harm the wood and are okay to use if you would like to add them to your soaking experience.

One of the few maintenance requirements of a Zen Bathworks Ofuro is to add another coat of  Seafin® Teak Oil to the exterior surfaces only, about once a year for tubs installed indoors, or quarterly for those outdoors. Teak Oil brings out and preserves the natural beauty of the wood and is very easy to reapply and maintain, no sanding or stripping required.

For full Ofuro care and use details see the link in the Ofuro Documents section below to the Ofuro Use and Care Manual.

WATER RE-USE: We recommend a drain-and-fill approach to Ofuro use. However, you may be interested in reusing the water. Many feel that this is necessary for Ofuros, however, Zen Bathworks Ofuros do not require being constantly wet, nor do we recommend it. Also keep in mind that while traditional “plank-built” Ofuros were intended to stay continuously wet, even they were not intended to use the same water over and over again. Rather, each member of the family took a turn in the bath on one evening, then the water was used the next day to wash laundry. Then the Ofuro was to be refilled and the process repeated. This method did not cause the water sanitation issues that are created by using the same water for prolonged periods of time.

With all of this in mind, if you are still interested in reusing water, it is possible to solve the sanitation issue by installing a hot-tub-style heating and sanitation system. However, bear in mind that for most Ofuros, which are small by comparison to hot tubs, this will incur far more expenses than the water usage savings are ever likely to recover. Despite all of this, if you would still like to explore these options further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Shop Ofuros by Model & Wood Choice

Designer Tub Fixtures

Explore the Sonoma Forge Waterbridge collection; Rustic Elegance to complement the beauty of your Ofuro

Ofuro Documents

Why wood tubs?

We are big fans of the amazing properties of wood. Did you know that scientific studies have found that touching wood reduces stress?

The captivating scents of red-cedar and cypress wood aren't their only amazing superpower - the same oils and resins responsible for the inviting aroma are chock full of antibacterial and antifungal molecules that help prevent mildew and decay, allowing us to create soaking tubs that last for decades.

Maybe we're a little biased, but we think plastic bathtubs are overrated. We believe in combining the best of old traditions and new technology; in making practical, modern products out of natural, sustainable materials like wood in order to connect with human history and the natural world. Doesn't that sound refreshing? Take the plunge - make handcrafted wood a part of your life. 

red cedar ofuro soaking tub with cover

Ofuro Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions below

“Ofuro” is Japanese for “honored bath” and is their word for bathtub. But not just any old bathtub — a DEEP, HOT, Japanese-inspired soaking bathtub. Although they can be made from other materials as well, “Ofuro” in Zen-Bathworks-speak refers to the original “wooden soaking bathtubs” invented centuries ago in Japan. Zen Bathworks customers appreciate the beautiful modern aesthetic of a handcrafted, warm, natural wood tub.

The simple beauty and traditional design combined with unusual depth offer the bather luxury that is easy to use. The amazing lemon/ginger scent of Hinoki wood (the most popular wood type) is aromatherapy at its best. Alongside Western Red Cedar and Teak, the Zen Bathworks wood choices offer up an array of features and aesthetics. Keep exploring our website for more information on wood choices. Traditional, organic, and wooden Ofuros offer a silent steaming refuge from the pressures of daily life.

We use solid wood but make it 10 times better. Our tub walls and floor feature our proprietary engineered cored wood panels. In this advanced technique, our woodworkers vacuum-press wood laminations with waterproof epoxy to create a completely stable and incredibly strong tub design. Old-style wood Ofuros made with planks were designed to be continually filled by hot springs, and are highly prone to problems in modern, indoor applications. We recommend the peace of mind of our engineered panel construction.

Also, our corner and floor joinery and craftsmanship are second to none, boasting miter wall corner joinery with internal metal reinforcement. This creates a sleek, modern, beautiful appearance while simultaneously increasing strength and reliability when compared to traditional butt joinery.

Our Zen Bathworks Ofuro’s unique design boasts durability and longevity unprecedented in wooden soaking tubs, without sacrificing any of the benefits of Japanese Soaking Bathtubs (e.g. depth, natural wood that boasts aromatherapy for the tub’s lifespan*, etc.). It’s not uncommon for other tubs built with planks and butt joints to have a critical, practically unrepairable failure (e.g. through cracks) within three years. Meanwhile, for the 13-year duration that we’ve been crafting our Ofuros in this way, not a single tub has leaked a single drop, let alone one be taken out of service due to a through crack failure. With our design, it simply can’t happen.

*A very light sanding may be required very occasionally as the tub ages to revive the natural scent of the wood.

That’s a good question. We’re not entirely sure about that, but there is one thing we do know for sure: every one of the Ofuro and cedar hot tub photos we display on our website are of tubs WE BUILT!

We would never knowingly mislead our customers into thinking someone else’s work is our own. As for why photos of our tubs have been featured on our competitors’ websites…we’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

YES, of course! Zen Bathworks rectangular soaking bathtubs are water-tight right out of the crate. This is because our tub walls and floors are engineered cored and vacuum-pressed, with internally metal reinforced corners to create a completely stable and incredibly strong tub design!

Wood tubs built by traditional methods are not dimensionally stable. The wood swells and shrinks with changes in temperature and moisture content. As they expand and contract, they are prone to develop leaks or even cracks (Eeek!). We recommend the peace of mind afforded by our improved design.

Deep! Almost twice as deep as typical bathtubs. Zen Bathworks Ofuros offer a standard depth of 22″ and any depth custom depth you choose up to 34″ (contact us if you are interested in even deeper). You can sit and soak with water up to your chin, for an experience like no other!

There are many factors to consider here. First, know that Zen Bathworks Ofuros are very spacious inside.  Because our Ofuros are much deeper than what most people are used to, you won’t require as much length or width as you might think. Nonetheless, your physical body size, water availability, room size and design, and personal preferences are all important factors to consider.

With two models and five sizes, we have 10 different experiences for you to choose from. Or if you require something even more personalized, we offer custom sizes and features. While deciding, we recommend that you review the sizing section on our discovery page as well as the spec sheets on the product pages. Click here to visit our Resource Library page where you can view or download the Ofuro spec sheets. We also recommend that you use temporary materials (e.g. cardboard and tape) to make a mock framework of different sizes to physically visualize what size would be best for you. If after that you have questions, contact us for additional help.

How long it will take for your Ofuro to fill will depend on the flow rate of your tub-filling faucet. Take the volume of the Ofuro divided by your tub filler’s flow rate (typically stated in gallons per minute) and you will get the number of minutes it will take to fill your tub. Tub faucet flow rates typically range from 4–7 gallons per minute, with some as high as 10 gpm. Therefore, for our standard tubs, it roughly ranges typically from 8 minutes to 30 minutes. Consult the specs for your particular tub filler!

The best, simplest, and healthiest way to provide hot water to an Ofuro soaking bathtub is to use your home hot water system and install it in a “drain-and-fill” manner (meaning you drain the soaking water in between uses), just as you would with a standard bathtub. This is usually true even for outdoor installations.

We recommend “fast recovery” heaters or tankless “on-demand” type heaters if capacity needs to be increased. A tankless water heater provides hot water just as you need it. The two biggest advantages are unlimited continuous hot water and very often, reduced operating cost.

What if I want to reuse water to conserve? What this means is installing the Ofuro as a “continuous use” tub (meaning they’re not drained between uses). There are many reasons this may not be as practical as it first appears.

First, you will need to reheat the water. That can be done, and Zen Bathworks even offers a recirculation heater. However, consider the extra expense, energy consumption, and resource consumption of manufacturing, installing, and maintaining a system of this type. For a smaller (when compared to Hot Tubs) 1 or 2-person tub, the cost and hassle “break even points” are typically out of reach, all things considered.

Second, you will have to keep the water sanitized. Water that humans have occupied will begin to foster bacteria and algae growth within a few days. This requires even more equipment and chemicals.

Third, you will introduce mold and safety hazards, especially if installed indoors. Continuous-use tubs create extra humidity which can cause internal wall mold in your home, if not regulated. Also, this type of installation creates additional drowning hazards, especially for young children.

Fourth, there’s a simpler solution. Most people just want to be able to use the water again within a few hour periods of filling the tub. In this situation, consider the simpler solution of choosing the optional cover to help retain heat and planning to “top off” the Ofuro with a few gallons of piping hot water to bring the temperature back up to the ideal level. For these reasons, it is quite uncommon that an Ofuro is installed in a continuous-use configuration. If after considering these obstacles and the simpler solution, you still want to look into an Ofuro with a recirculation heating system choose our optional recirculation heater. Or if you desire a heating and sanitation system, please contact us. We can help you with this on a custom-order basis.

A LONG time! Zen Bathworks Wooden Ofuros have thick walls, and since wood is a much better insulator than acrylic, cast iron, etc., your bath stays hot! That’s long enough for an extended soak for an hour or more. To heat up the tub a bit to extend the bath, simply add a small amount of piping hot water to the tub. Your wood tub holds heat much longer than other materials. No “tub heater” is necessary!

Zen Bathworks Ofuros include a custom “EZ-Click®” drain made of solid brass with a choice of finishes. The floor drain has a 1.5” straight pipe thread (NPSM), which protrudes below the floor of the tub. We offer multiple drain configuration options as follows:

Floor / Waste drain only: For a wet floor, indirect drain configurations are pre-installed with a brass nut, ready to connect a drain pipe fitting such as a bath shoe to, with the nut being removed if necessary. In this situation, overflow drainage would be provided by placing a shower floor and/or trench drains beneath the surrounding area.

Standard Overflow: Overflow drain systems are available as an option. When present a 1.5″ slip joint connection is provided directly below the vertical overflow tube.

NOTE: If you require a connection point directly beneath the tub’s floor drain, please contact us.

Remote Tub Drain and Overflow (RTDO): As an authorized Sonoma Forge® dealership, we offer an innovative device that is remotely floor-mounted and offers overflow functionality without a hole through the wall of the Ofuro or Ofuro-side-mounted plumbing. This clever device also offers easily accessible tub drain operation on top of it, instead of at the bottom of the Ofuro. See the RTD&O product page for more information.

Roughly on average, Zen Bathworks Ofuros will drain at an average rate of 8–12 gpm. See the Ofuro spec sheets for the volume of the Ofuro you are interested in and then divide this by 10 to get the approximate draining time. For quick reference, our smallest to largest standard tub size range would equate to a draining time range of about 8 to 25 minutes. Take note that this assumes the drain plumbing bottleneck is the tub drain. If your installation has a different point of bottleneck, your results may vary.

Learn more about drains.

The Hinoki (aka Port Orford Cedar), Western Red Cedar, and Teak wood choices we offer are the ones we recommend because they are naturally antimicrobial and they offer a wide spectrum of color tones and two of the three (Hinoki and Red Cedar) offer pleasant aromas. Click here to learn more about our premium wood choices.

However, we can accommodate custom wood types. If the wood you desire is not naturally microbial, we recommend discussing a custom hybrid option with us, meaning the tub would have the desired wood on the exterior, but a more reliable wood on the interior. Contact us if you wish to explore these possibilities further.

No, this is not recommended. The stool will float, causing a safety hazard and the abrasion between it and the tub may cause damage.

Instead, we recommend purchasing one of our custom Ofuros with built-in, removable seat(s). Please contact us for more information.

Most Zen Bathworks Ofuro Soaking Tubs ship for FREE to most locations in the USA and Canada*. We build a very substantial crate to protect your tub during shipment. The crate will be delivered by a common carrier to your address, curbside, and unloaded by liftgate (if necessary). We make all the arrangements. More on shipping.

*Customs Duties and Fees are not included in Free Shipping.

What if I need help moving it from curbside to the installation location? We recommend you request help from your General Contractor or someone local who can help you with this. However, if this is not feasible for you, ask us to look into white glove delivery for you. Be advised, however, this is not available in many locations and when available, is often quite expensive.

Up-to-date standard lead times are displayed on the Ofuro product pages in the product description. Sometimes due to popular demand, we are forced to lengthen our lead times, however, we work hard through production and inventory management to prevent this. Our lead times are typically at the best available which is 3–6 weeks from order to curbside delivery within the continental US and Canada. From our location in southeast Alaska, 3–4 of these weeks are ocean and ground in transit time.

We are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to bring your soaking dreams to life as soon as possible!

No. All Zen Bathworks Ofuros come assembled and ready to install. All that is needed for installation is a drain connection and a faucet set. This is unlike the Zen Bathworks Hot Tubs which are available in kit form, so as not to confuse the two.

Not difficult. In fact, Zen Bathworks Ofuros are generally very simple to install. Our Ofuros are designed primarily for freestanding installations which are the easiest. Alternatively, with some planning and accommodations, you can place the tub in a corner, alcove, or recess. Explore the photos and installation documents on our website for examples and more details.

See the detail page on each of our tubs for full specifications including dimensions, water volume, weight, and more. To figure the weight of a filled tub on your own, a quick rough estimate is 10 lbs per gallon in the tub, so a 100-gallon tub would be approximately 1000 lbs.

Installing a Zen Bathworks Ofuro without the rail feet is possible with the correct installation infrastructure which prevents moisture entrapment between the tub floor and the room’s floor. This can cause the bottom of the tub to mildew and rot. Also, it may make it more difficult to access drain plumbing connection(s). Therefore, it is not typically recommended.

Depending on the situation, reducing the height of the rail feet, or customizing the rail feet so that they go all the way around the Ofuro instead of just two sides, are options that may help you reach a solution without removing the rail feet altogether. Contact us for further discussion regarding these things.

Yes! Even though our tubs are designed primarily for indoor use, our construction techniques result in a tub that is so strong it can stand up to almost anything that nature can dish up.

We recommend either Red Cedar or Teak for outdoor tubs, as Hinoki is prone to developing a harmless but unattractive black stain when installed outdoors. Also, we recommend inquiring with us for a custom insulated vinyl hot-tub-style cover made specially to fit your outdoor Ofuro. Contact us today to allow us to help you turn one of our Ofuros into an outdoor soaking bathtub oasis!

Yes. Bath salts like Epsom salt will have no adverse effect on Zen Bathworks tubs. Used in moderation, essential oils are fine as well. Soap is okay however most customers prefer to use the Ofuro in the traditional way — for a hot soak after showering.

Simply give the tub a quick rinse and perhaps a squeegee after each use. Note that due to the high volume of detergent soaps in shampoos and conditioners and the difficulty keeping the natural wood interior surfaces clean, we do not recommend Ofuros for use as a combination “shower” tubs.

This is common in Japan, even for someone other than the first bather, because each bather showers thoroughly before using the soaking tub. Zen Bathworks Wooden Ofuros hold heat so well that often two or more bathers can enjoy the tub in the same evening without completely refilling.

YES! Fill, soak, drain, wipe, done! It’s that simple! Complete care and use instructions are included with the tub and are available on our website.

Our preferred finish for our wood tubs is one hand-rubbed coat of Daly’s® Ship’N Shore® penetrating wood sealer, followed by three hand-rubbed, multi-coat applications (separated by overnight curing times) of Daly’s® Seafin® Teak Oil. For the final shine, we apply one hand-rubbed coat of Lundmark™ Liquid Paste Wax.

This provides a beautiful, warm finish that is easily touched up or refreshed by adding another coat of Teak Oil, buffing away the excess after 10 minutes, and applying another coat of wax the following day. Typically performing this process once annually is an adequate frequency, but it should be done as needed to keep the wood fresh and hydrated.

No. Zen Bathworks Ofuros Wood Soaking Bathtubs are designed to be left empty. No hassle. Plank-built tubs often need to be kept filled to prevent serious damage — not so for Zen Bathworks Ofuros!

This is because our tub walls and floors are engineered cored and vacuum-pressed, with internally metal reinforced corners to create a completely stable and incredibly strong tub design! Wood tubs built by traditional methods are not dimensionally stable. The wood swells and shrinks with changes in temperature and moisture content. As they expand and contract, they are prone to develop leaks or even cracks (Eeek!). We recommend the peace of mind afforded by our improved design.

Please do note that our wood Ofuros should not be left completely unused for prolonged periods of time if possible. Also, the relative humidity in the room should be managed. Just like with wood furniture, if the internal moisture content of the wood becomes drastically low, surface checking (shallow cracks) may occur. This is typically only an issue in regions with incredibly low humidity and can be resolved by placing a hygrometer (measures humidity) in your bathroom and either using the Ofuro periodically (at least twice per month) or installing a humidifier in your bathroom. Another trick is to place a pail of water in the tub and a cover over the tub. This provides ambient humidity in the tub, without subjecting the wood to mold, mildew, or algae.

No, not at all. The best way to ensure clean water in your Zen Bathworks Soaking Tub is to use it as a normal “drain-and-fill” soaking bathtub.

Not at all. The common issues hard water imposes will be more pertinent to your metal plumbing fixtures such as the faucet. The hard water will not damage the wood. If you get any scale or buildup, simply clean the tub with mild soap. If this doesn’t work and we’ll guide you to perform a light sanding of the interior of the tub to remedy the situation.

Authentic aromatic wood Japanese-style soaking bathtubs are not listed with any plumbing code organizations, such as UPC.

Zen Bathworks Ofuros are custom, handmade, authentic wooden soaking tubs, with natural aromatherapy. This means the interior is a true natural wooden surface, not a wood core with synthetic topcoat sealer. Therefore, they are not eligible to be added to lists of products that have been pre-certified as code compliant, such as UPC’s list.

Despite this and while plumbing code requirements can vary by state and even by county, customers from all of the 50 United States have purchased and installed our Oouros successfully.

Furthermore, since 2009, our proprietary unique design has proven itself without fail, and not a single unit has ever leaked a drop or caused any sort of health, safety, or environmental issue in testing or in use.

If you are concerned about code restrictions, take note there are a few different ways to install an Ofuro, which may have an impact. Indirect draining on a shower floor (aka “wet floor”) will likely present the fewest obstacles. See our Ofuro installation General Concept Diagrams. Click here to visit our Resource Toolbox page where you can view or download these diagrams.

Zen Bathworks Ofuro Tubs installed indoors and well cared for can realistically offer a lifetime of service. For outdoor installations, with proper care, we expect an average tub lifespan of 20 years.

We are a small family-owned company committed to customer satisfaction. We realize our products are investments. We work hard and tirelessly exercise all feasible options to keep you enjoying your hot tub for years and years to come.

Zen Bathworks Ofuros are guaranteed never to leak due to a compromise in the wood construction. Our Ofuros have a full three-year limited warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

Click here to access our Ofuro Product Warranty.