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Custom Ofuro - Request a Quote

Are you trying to incorporate a luxurious soaking bathtub in a small or unique space? Or maybe you’re looking for a custom feature? 

Collaborate with Zen Bathworks to handcraft a custom tub specific to your desires or design requirements!

Use the form below to initiate this process by requesting a quote. Then our team will connect with you within five business days to start the process of helping you create your perfect Japanese ofuro soaking tub! In the interim, take some time to learn more about our handmade Japanese ofuro and the benefits they can bring to any space.

Before requesting a custom quote we recommend check the pricing of our standard sizes, just to get an idea of if a custom tub will fit your budget. So if you haven’t already, check out our Ofuro Shopping page.

Max Length: 91" Note: Tub interior length is less 3-1/2 inches
Max Width: 48" Note: Tub interior width is less 3-1/2 inches
Max Depth: 34" Note: Standard tub interior depth is 22". Overall tub height is +4" from interior depth.
While we cannot guarantee that all custom wooden accessories are available, please explain what you are looking for so we can discuss.
While we cannot guarantee that all custom built-in features are feasible, please share what you are looking for so we can discuss.
Standard finishes featured. Additional finishes are available with a 12-week lead time.
Notes: Standard Overflow adds 5/8" to Ofuro exterior height. Refer to our Discover Ofuro page for Remote Tub Drain & Overflow finishes.
Use this space to inquire about an unlisted custom feature you are seeking or to tell us more about your project.