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Cedar Hot Tub
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Cedar Hot Tub
with Wood Heat

Cedar Hot Tub
with Gas Heater


Outdoor Wooden Hot Tubs Frequently Asked Questions 


+ What are the advantages of a Zen wooden hot tub?
+ How do wooden hot tubs hold water?
+ What is the best way to heat my tub?
+ What is the heat rate of the various types of heaters?
+ What is a safe temperature for hot tub water?
+ How much does it cost to operate a hot tub?
+ How do tubs ship and how much does shipping cost?
+ How hard are tubs to assemble?
+ What do I need to do to prepare my site for a wooden hot tub?
+ Can a wooden hot tub be installed below ground?
+ Where is the best location for my tub?
+ Can I install my tub indoors?
+ How heavy is the tub when it's full of water?
+ Is maintenance difficult?
+ What is the recommended way to keep the tub water clean?
+ What size tub do I need?
+ Do you make custom sized tubs?
+ What about freezing temperatures?
+ How does the tub drain?
+ How do Zen Bathworks chofu wood heated tubs compare to inside-the-tub wood heaters?
+ Do you have a guarantee?

+ What lead time should I expect when I purchase my Hot Tub?