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Wood choice: 

First and foremost, we are woodworkers with a reverence for wood.  We use it wisely, marvel at its beauty and are students of its many characteristics.  All our wood is sustainably harvested or salvaged and we use small quantities.  The grade of material used is the finest grade available, clear, vertical grained, quartersawn heartwood, properly dried and free of defects.

Hinoki: The traditional Japanese ofuro is most often made with Hinoki - the famous sacred and aromatic wood that is revered for its beauty, color, strength and wonderful aroma.  The color is light brown similar to Maple, with a fair amount of color variation that gives each tub a unique character. The aroma is often compared to lemon/ginger and it fills the air with every bath.  Hinoki is soft to the touch and performs perfectly as a tub material.  Hinoki is also used to make musical instruments, boats, achers arrows, and Zen temples.

Red Cedar: Another famous and sacred tree that makes a beautiful tub.  Western Red Cedar has aa range of color from deep brown to red, pink and blond.  The aroma is sweet and calming.  This a good choice for indoor tubs and is one of our favorites for outdoor tubs.  Red Cedar is soft and warm to the touch and performs nicely in wet areas.  Used for boatbuilding, exterior siding, and NW Native art.

Teak: Well known as a durable hardwood with high oil content - teak is a good choice for an ofuro. Teak is denser and harder than Hinoki or Red Cedar - so is a good choice for high traffic use such as commercial installation.  Teak is dark brown mocha in color, has a neutral aroma, and stands up well to wet environments - a good choice for indoor or outdoor tubs. 

Other Woods: On a custom basis we can make tubs using other woods.  Please call us to discuss your needs.